Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yippee Kai-yea, Mamacita!

Well, it started innocently enough. I wrote a couple of articles for a collaborative book and it was chosen for publication. Finally....published! No, it's not a full length novel that I sweat out over a couple of years, but hey; published is published. Now, here's the fun part. Because we live in a global community age, advertising jumped all over that particular bandwagon. An email went out to the 28 authors of "101 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do" asking for a short video revolving around our contribution(s).

I wrote two articles: "How to Be a Chef in the Bedroom" (all about the art of foreplay outside of the bedroom) and "How to Cook One Thing Well". Since they were both "kitchen" based, I decided to do a video set in the kitchen. I wanted to make it funny and memorable. I dressed up in a red apron with hearts (how apropo, thought I) and had a pot of water up to full boil in the background.

My neice filmed it on her digital video camera and I flubbed the first few times. But once I was up and running, we did it in one take. We watched it play back and laughed and laughed. Now... to transfer it to the computer and send it to New York. What's that? No memory card in the camera? Where's your transfer cord thingy? What?! You don't know? Well, hells bells! I've filmed it and now have no way to get it onto the computer and EDIT it.

Not to fear. My resourceful husband took the cassette disk thingy out of the camera and presto magico, converted it onto a DVD by configuring two devices and lots of color coded wires. Now, I'll just pop this into the computer and.....well, hell! Turns out, I can play it, but can't load it or EDIT it. Through all of this trial and error, I am in constant communication with WeBook Publishing in New York. Finally they just got tired on waiting on me to catch a clue. They suggested I just send them the disk. I did with an email apologizing for the UNEDITED bloopers and invited them to slice and dice as needed to make it fit for the promotion.

The next email I received talked about how clever, how very funny the video was, ESPECIALLY THE BLOOPERS....(gulp). They went on to say it was up and running on YouTube under WeBookCommunity videos and thanks again. I immediately pulled it up by link provided and yup: There I was in my red apron saying the "F" word. Should you want to view my blunder:

I broke the news to my mother Saturday. She took it rather well actually.

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Pinhigh Sue said...

We dearly love this video...big time. Thanks for the trials and tribs in getting it shot. So darn funny, we'll hope to share it with many far and wide.

Sue from WEbook