Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life interrupted

Well, what do you know? Turns out that when writing isn't what's earning you a paycheck, what does will take precedence sometimes. Okay, well, most of the time. Sometimes, I may have an idea or two bouncing around in here, but have to treat it like an anxious child and say, "Not today, but soon....soon." Because life gets complicated and this "little hobby" of mine has to take a back burner.

But, then that little kid named Story residing in my imagination, gets tired of waiting and really starts to whine. I don't know how many parents are reading this, but I can tell you that the kids have figured out the best way to get their way is to make a nuisance out of themselves. It becomes glaringly apparent that the only way you are going to get anything done is to make good on that promise of time out for them and just do it. That's the only way they are going to shut the hell up! So, you do and they do and everything goes back to status quo....until the next time they're told to wait.

Well, obviously a story idea that has some weight to it acts the same way. Lately, it was that way for me. I had two short story ideas that just wouldn't sit on the couch and be quiet. I was quite embroiled in a hot drama in the parenthood realm (and still am really) and I just didn't have "time right now. Not today, but soon...soon". Well, those ideas just kept bouncing around the house, getting louder and louder until finally I sat down and just took them out to play until about 2AM, knowing full well I'd pay in the morning. But it was quiet when we were done and that was reward enough.

Are they good little children, my little twin short stories? Who knows? You can pop over to, check out my short story collection "Got a Minute" and look 'em up: The Passenger and HANGMAN. But it's quiet once again. Although, I do hear the teenager Novel starting to get louder upstairs.....